Affordable Men’s Fashion for Style on a Budget




If you’re a guy who needs to step up his style game without blowing your whole paycheck, check out these cheap clothes for men. They’re stylish, well-made, and affordable.

Wholesale21 is a sustainable clothing startup that makes workwear essentials like $7 polos and $48 chinos. Their styles skew more casual.

1. Primer Magazine

Primer Magazine is a great resource for men who want to dress well without having a $2,500 suit. They provide their readers with pictures and descriptions that go above and beyond the standard candid shot. This makes their content easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing.

Primer describes itself as “a guy’s post-college guide to growing up.” Their articles feature affordable style tips, apartment DIY resources, and self-development advice for 20-something men. They also utilize social media platforms to create a sense of community among their audience.

2. Men’s Style Pro

This men’s style blog has been around since 2008 and offers refreshing content from a cultural, historical, and urban perspective. It’s a must-see for any man interested in expanding their knowledge of style and trends.

Men’s Style Pro also has an excellent YouTube channel that should be a must-watch for any gentleman looking to improve his style. He provides helpful tips and tricks that will make anyone look their best.

3. Gentleman’s Gazette

Despite their “old school” aesthetic, Gentleman’s Gazette features several modern articles that are relevant to men who want to dress more classically. Also, if you sign up for their email list, they’ll send you a free e-book on dressing like a gentleman!

Nothing breaks our hearts more here at Gentleman’s Gazette than a pair of shoes that have been neglected. Considering that shoes set the literal foundation for your wardrobe, they deserve a lot of care.

4. J.Crew Factory

While J.Crew Factory does have a lot of good stuff, I don’t recommend it as the clothes are cheaply made and never seem to fit well. The better solution is to go to regular J.Crew instead, which offers more styles in a wider variety of sizes.

They also have a great selection of men’s clothing that is simple, elegant, and affordable. You can find shirts, sweaters, and dresses in different styles to suit your taste.

5. Wholesale21

Wholesale21 sells clothes and accessories at a discount. They offer a wide range of brands that are well-known and respected. The retailer also offers a generous return policy.

The majority of wholesale21 merchandise comes from full-line stores, there are also cheap clothes for men. Look for a paper tag that reads “Wholesale21” to identify these made-for-race items.

It is a favorite amongst shoppers who love to find premium brands at affordable prices. However, some buyers have complained about the company’s return policy and service.

7. Banana Republic

The Banana Republic is the upscale brand of the Gap family of companies. The company focuses on luxury items, including clothing, accessories, and shoes for men and women. The company also offers home goods and beauty products.

Banana Republic offers a great return policy. You can return unwashed, unworn items within 30 days of purchase. The company also offers a credit card that allows you to earn rewards points on all purchases.

8. Uniqlo

While some companies churn out trendy clothes in bulk to keep customers interested, Uniqlo sticks with classic and timeless basics that last. Uniqlo also avoids using fabrics like leather and exotic animal hair, which raises ethical concerns about how they are produced and transported.

Uniqlo’s founder sought out Mickey Drexler, president of The Gap, to learn how to make his own clothing company more successful. The strategy has paid off, as the brand’s sales have soared.

9. Muji

Muji offers a wide selection of Japanese clothing in cotton. Its products are simple and elegant, a sharp contrast to the over-embellished goods of mainstream fashion.

The company prioritizes sustainability, which is one of its core values. For example, it reuses discarded materials for its packaging and uses natural colors in its stores.

The company also supports its suppliers by offering them fair prices. This pillar has helped it create a unique brand personality that resonates with consumers around the world.


In conclusion, enhancing your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances, and there are various avenues for men to access stylish wholesale clothing. From sustainable options like wholesale21 to insightful resources like Primer Magazine and Men’s Style Pro, the fashion-conscious man has a wealth of choices to upgrade his style without breaking the bank. Blogs such as Gentleman’s Gazette offer a blend of classic and modern style advice, while practical tips on grooming and personal development add depth to the discussion of men’s fashion. Beyond fashion advice, these platforms foster a sense of community, connecting like-minded individuals in their sartorial journey.