Five Things You Can Do with 10 Dollars




“Money doesn’t buy happiness.” is an old saying dating back to ancient times. While today, you still hear many people parrot this old wisdom, most of us know that money can’t necessarily buy happiness; it can make us happy.

Many think, “If I had more money, I could fix all my problems.” But, sometimes, all you have is a $10 bill. This begs the question: what can I do with a 10 bill? In this article, we will give you a litany of creative things you can do if you only have $10.

Have Fun with it!

You can have fun for $10. Entertainment is something other than something reserved for people with money. If you have a game console, $10 can net you a whole bunch of bargain-bin video games or one excellent used game.

If gaming is not your thing but you enjoy the occasional slot spin, plenty of casinos will take deposits as low as 10 dollars. Also, there are plenty of online slots where you can wager as little as $1. These $1 minimum deposit casino websites are a great way to have fun when running low on cash.

Finally, $10 gets you a month of Netflix. If you have time to spare, purchase the streaming service for a month, watch as many shows, films, documentaries, etc., as you can, and when the month is done, cancel your subscription.

As you can see, entertainment is not a rich man’s word. But you can do plenty of more responsible things with $10.


Investing is no longer a mysterious activity performed by the elite. Thanks to discount brokerages, anyone can place as much as they want on a given stock. If all you have is 10 dollars to spare, why not make it a $20, a $100, or even a $1000?

Investing may seem hard. Indeed, there is a lot of work that goes into it. However, once you get the hang of it, you will see that it isn’t as difficult as many people make it out to be. If you are worried that you don’t know anything about the practice, fear not; plenty of resources online will teach you everything you need to know.

If you want to use your 10 dollars wisely, invest it in sure-fire stocks. However, investing is not for everyone. If you are among the people who do not like to meddle in the world of stocks and goods, what can you do with your $10?

Environmental Support

Environmental awareness is growing a lot more popular nowadays. Many organizations do their best to support farmers, help plant more trees, and fight against environmental disasters. By donating your $10 to these organizations, you are helping in the fight against global warming or other environmental disasters.

Charity in General

If you feel generous, you could donate 10 dollars to a charitable cause. If you want to show financial support for notable charitable organizations, even a $10 donation could help. If you want to be generous without giving your money to known organizations, donate to your local soup kitchen or even spread the money among the local homeless folks who might need it. Even a $1 bill could help somebody feed for a day.

Rent a Bike

A $10 bill could get you a bike for several hours. If you have somewhere to be or just want to blow off steam, renting a bike could be what you need. Riding around your city’s streets with the wind in your hair, there is no other feeling.

Not only that, but biking comes with extreme health and fitness benefits. Not only are you strengthening your cardiovascular system, but you are also getting yourself in shape. So, if you ever feel like riding a bike but don’t happen to own one, just rent one for the day.


Can I buy a video game for $10?

You could buy multiple video games for $10. However, they would have to be used in video games or ones from the bargain bin.

Is it possible to gamble with $10?

Absolutely. A lot of online casinos will accept wagers as low as $1. With $10, you can place 10 of these bets.

Is there a point in investing $10?

If you want to start your investor’s journey, you will need to learn that any little bit is worth investing. Investments are no longer just the purview of the rich and powerful. Anyone can do it with any amount of cash.

Can I help the world with $10?

Of course, charities and support groups would happily accept a 10-dollar donation. Every little bit helps when we are discussing charity.

Can I get a day’s worth of food for $10?

Absolutely. There are plenty of stores where you can go and feed yourself for the entire day for less than 10 dollars. It might not be the healthiest food, but it will be delicious.