The Remarkable Discovery by Winnipeg Duct Cleaners




In the news, the realm of duct cleaning has taken an unexpected turn as professionals face an array of challenges, from confronting rodents and bullets to dealing with layers of accumulated dust. The latest buzz surrounds The Duct Stories in Winnipeg, where their routine job in the William Whyte neighborhood unearthed a surprising discovery. While uncovering the mystery of a long-forgotten Quik Can, the team stumbles upon an astonishing $5,000 in cash during the 1970s. This remarkable find has now become a captivating chapter in the duct-cleaning adventures of Earl Masanque and his dedicated team, showcasing the unpredictable and fascinating nature of their work in the world of duct cleaning Winnipeg.

The Unlikely Discovery

As Arthur, a technician with The Duct Stories was opening a return vent, he came across an old Quik can that hadn’t been around for years. Initially intending to discard it, curiosity got the better of them, and they decided to see what was inside. To their amazement, the can contained a stash of cash – a mix of ones, twenties, fifties, and hundreds, totaling $5,000. Earl Masanque, the 23-year-old owner of The Duct Stories, described the moment when they realized the extent of their find, saying, “We just kind of freaked out from there.”

The cash was promptly returned to the homeowner, turning an ordinary day of duct cleaning into an unexpected windfall for the resident. Masanque shared the thrilling discovery on social media, turning it into a lighthearted story and an opportunity to emphasize the importance of air duct cleaning.

The Importance of Duct Cleaning

While such unexpected windfalls are rare, Masanque used the opportunity to emphasize the significance of regular duct cleaning. He highlighted that homeowners often overlook the cleanliness of their vents, unaware that the air circulating through them directly affects indoor air quality. Stressing the importance of clean and sanitized air ducts, Masanque recommended having the service performed every two to five years. The Duct Stories is not just a business; it’s a testament to the vital role played by ducts cleaning in ensuring a healthy home environment.

Duct Cleaning Winnipeg: A Vital Service

The Duct Stories, a Filipino-owned business, offers duct, dryer vent, and HVAC system cleaning for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Winnipeg. Masanque proudly describes the company as “loud and proud” within the Filipino community, which has been a significant source of support for the business over the past three years.

As The Duct Stories celebrates its diverse clientele and successful years of operation, Masanque invites Winnipeg, homeowners, to consider adding “duct cleaning Winnipeg” to their home maintenance checklist. While unexpected windfalls like the recent cash discovery may not be an everyday occurrence, the team is ready to explore what other surprises may be hidden in Winnipeg’s air ducts during their routine cleaning services.

Highlighting the Business and Its Impact

Duct Stories has serviced approximately 3,500 homes over the last few years, establishing itself as a reputable player in the Winnipeg ducts cleaning industry. While not every day brings the excitement of discovering a hidden cash stash, Masanque remains eager to explore what other surprises might be concealed within the city’s air ducts. The joyous find serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and the unexpected adventures that come with the job.


The Duct Stories’ recent find of $5,000 in cash adds an exciting chapter to their journey as Winnipeg ducts cleaners. Earl Masanque’s story not only highlights the surprises that can accompany their work but also underscores the importance of regular ducts cleaning for homeowners. As the team continues to service homes in Winnipeg, they remain eager to uncover more hidden treasures in the city’s air ducts, turning routine cleaning into an adventure of discovery.