Touchscreen Kiosks—the Next Big Thing




Many customers expect interactivity when they are engaging with businesses. They don’t want to wait for a store assistant to be available to purchase goods and services. According to 26% of shoppers, their purchasing decisions are influenced by engaging with digital content and 22% also report that they shop longer as a result.

But how can you provide customers with interactive elements on your business premises to engage them and motivate them to stay longer? Touch screen kiosks are one of the most effective solutions to achieve this. In this digitally advanced age, you can use touchscreen kiosks for various applications, from advertising to wayfinding.

Keep reading to learn about touchscreen kiosks, their benefits to your business, and how to implement them.

What are Touchscreen Kiosks?

Touchscreen kiosks consist of specific software and a touch screen held in place by an attached enclosure or stand. These systems are typically made using industrial-grade components, providing superior durability that protects them in crowded environments.

The type of software loaded onto a touchscreen kiosk depends on its intended purpose. Retail stores and supermarkets, for instance, may use kiosks as self-service checkout points, allowing customers to quickly complete the checkout process without waiting for store assistants to become available. In such cases, the touchscreen kiosks in Australia usually have payment and checkout systems installed, allowing customers to complete transactions quickly.

Touchscreen kiosks are an excellent solution that provides a user-friendly way for customers to interact with your business without engaging with human employees. The device’s display features touch technology, that allows customers to access the kiosks’ information by pressing the screen with their fingers. With multi-touch actions, they can easily engage with your businesses by finding the information they desire on the screen.

How Can a Touch Screen Kiosk Benefit Your Business?

You should know about the benefits of touchscreen kiosks before considering using a kiosk in your business. Read further to uncover the benefits a touchscreen kiosk can provide to your business.

Reduce waiting times

Touchscreen kiosks are an excellent method to allow your customers to gain the information they need to complete a purchase. Without this interactive option, your customers will have to wait for your sales assistants to become available to guide them. On busy days, the waiting period can last for more than 9 minutes, which is reported as the amount of time shoppers are most likely to give up waiting and leave. Approximately 86% of customers usually avoid visiting a store if they think the queue is too long.

Alternatively, interactive solutions, such as touch screen kiosks Australia, can help you reduce the waiting times in your business premises by 40%. The touch element of these systems makes it quick for the customers to gain their needed information and complete their purchases.

Increased revenue

Introducing touchscreen kiosks with the correct product information for customers can help employees dedicate their time to other more crucial tasks. As a result, the efficiency of your employees will increase as they don’t have to spend so much time assisting customers. It will further reduce the operating costs and expenses with your staff completing their duties more quickly.

Also, another vital benefit touch screen kiosks will offer is allowing your business to serve more customers by providing fast service and reducing wait times. You will also be able to attract more customers, further increasing your business’s income.

Higher customer retention

In this competitive corporate world, you must provide your customers with the service they want to be able to achieve a higher customer retention rate. As mentioned above, customers are actively looking for businesses capable of delivering a more interactive user experience with self-service options, like touchscreen kiosks.

Around 30% of customers prefer ordering from a touchscreen kiosk rather than waiting in lines to place the order. In addition, 49.4% of retail customers prefer using self-service checkouts as they offer a fast experience. Touch screen kiosks can fulfill your customer’s needs, provide them with a positive shopping experience, and ultimately encourage them to return to your store.

Applications of Touch Screen Kiosks

Here are different ways you can use touchscreen kiosks for your business.


With the touch screen wayfinding kiosk, you can inform your customers about nearby areas or locations they may want to visit. You can display different categories on the kiosk’s home screen for customers to tap. For example, as a hotel business owner, you can include events, local stores, destinations, and restaurants. Your guests will simply tap on the desired location and then be shown directions to their destination.

Large corporate buildings, shopping malls, or healthcare centers will find wayfinding particularly useful. Touch screen kiosks with wayfinding software can help employees, shoppers, or patients see the directions to the store or room where they are headed.


Another way you can deploy a touchscreen kiosk in your business is as an advertising display. Your customers can interact with your content and enjoy a more engaging experience. For example, you can promote your products on the kiosk display as a game where your customers can tap matching products.


Touch screen kiosks are convenient for businesses as information points. Whether installed inside a corporate building or shopping center, touchscreen kiosks can be loaded with any relevant information your customers might need. For example, in a shopping center, the touch screen kiosks can display information on the different stores, emergency exit points, opening and closing times, and other relevant information. Customers can tap on the specific category to gain the desired product information.

A must-have solution

Touchscreen kiosks are on the rise in this digital age because of their multiple benefits and uses. They have become a must-have solution for companies to provide a user-friendly, interactive way for customers to engage with the businesses.

If you are planning to deliver a more interactive user experience to your customers and to reduce staffing requirements, consider implementing touch screen kiosks Australia as an effective solution. You can collaborate with a reliable, experienced supplier when you invest in highly durable, technologically updated touchscreen kiosks.