Unleash Your Engine’s Roar: Installing and Cut out Exhaust




Hey gearheads, have you ever wanted to unleash the rumble of your muscle car with the flip of a switch? With an exhaust cutout installed, you’ll have the best of both worlds – a mellow purr for cruising and a roar that will rattle windows when you want to make a statement. An exhaust cutout is a valve you install in your exhaust piping that can open or close on command, bypassing your mufflers. When the cutout is open, your exhaust flows straight through, giving you an unrestricted growl that will turn heads on the street. But when it’s closed, your exhaust flows through your mufflers as usual for a quieter ride. Installing an exhaust cutout is easier than you might think, so here’s how to do it yourself in your own garage. By the end of this guide, your engine will have a split personality – docile one moment and beastly the next!

What Is an Exhaust Cutout?

An exhaust cutout is a valve that allows you to open and close your exhaust system at will. Installing one lets you unleash the roar of your engine on demand.###

To install a cutout, you’ll need a few basic tools and parts:

  1. The cutout valve itself. This is the mechanism that opens and closes to divert your exhaust. Choose between electric or cable-operated based on how you want to activate it.
  2. Exhaust piping and clamps to plumb the cutout into your existing exhaust system. The cutout installs in-line, so you’ll cut your exhaust pipe to insert it.
  3. A switch or actuator to open and close the valve. Electric cutouts are controlled by a switch, while cable cutouts use a pull cable. Mount the switch or cable bracket somewhere easily accessible from the driver’s seat.
  4. Basic hand tools like a saw, drill/driver, wrenches, and screwdrivers. You may also want a jack and stands to safely raise and support the vehicle.

Installation is straightforward. Cut your exhaust pipe where you want to place the cutout. Install the cutout between the pipe sections and secure with clamps. Route wiring or cable to the switch. Once complete, you can open the cutout to bypass your muffler and unleash the sound of raw power! Close it again when stealth is needed.

An exhaust cutout is a great, inexpensive mod that lets you choose between a throaty roar or a civilized rumble. Unleash the beast – your engine will thank you!

Benefits of Installing an Exhaust Cutout

An exhaust cutout lets you unleash the roar of your engine on demand. Who doesn’t want that? Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

More Power

By opening the cutout, you’re removing the restrictive stock exhaust system. This allows for maximum flow of exhaust gasses, which means more horsepower and torque. You’ll feel the difference instantly.

An Adrenaline Rush

Hearing that open exhaust rumble is a thrill like no other for any gearhead. It’s an audible shot of adrenaline that never gets old. An exhaust cutout lets you activate that rush whenever the mood strikes.

Adjustable Sound

With a cutout, you control how loud you want to be. Keep it closed for a stock exhaust note, or open it up for a full-throated performance roar. It’s the best of both worlds.


Because you can close the cutout, your exhaust system won’t be subjected to a constant pounding. This helps prevent premature wear and tear, so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

If unleashing your engine’s beast within sounds appealing, an exhaust cutout is a must-have mod. The power, the thrill, the adjustability—what’s not to love? Your ride was meant to roar, so give it a voice and install a cutout!

How to Install an Exhaust Cutout on Your Car

Installing and cut out exhaust on your own is totally doable with a little mechanical know-how. Here’s how to unleash your engine’s roar:

Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a few basic tools and parts:

  • Exhaust cutout (also called dump valve or cutout valve)
  • Pipe cutter or hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, washers)
  • High-temperature exhaust sealant or clamps
  • Protective gear (gloves, eyewear, respirator)

Locate Your Exhaust Pipe

Crawl under your car to find the exhaust pipe you want to install the cutout on. For the most dramatic effect, choose a pipe close to the engine’s exhaust manifold or header. Mark the spot you want to cut.

Cut the Pipe

Cut completely through the marked section of the pipe using the pipe cutter or hacksaw. File down any burrs.

Install the Cutout

Install the cutout valve into the cut section of the pipe. Apply exhaust sealant around the cutout’s edges and connections according to the directions. Bolt the cutout in place and seal all joints and seams thoroughly.

Test and Seal

Start your engine to test the cutout. There may be some initial smoking – this is normal and will subside. With the engine running, check for any exhaust leaks and tighten connections as needed. Seal any leaks to prevent toxic fumes from entering the cabin.

Open ‘er Up!

Take your car for a drive and flip the switch to open the cutout when you want to amplify your exhaust. But be courteous to your neighbors and obey all noise ordinances. When done, close the cutout to return to normal exhaust flow and volume.

Following these steps carefully will result in a cutout installation with a maximum rumble and minimal hassle. Enjoy the roar of your unleashed engine!


You’ve done it – you’ve installed an exhaust cutout and unleashed the full potential of your engine’s roar. Now you get to reap the rewards of your hard work. Crank up your stereo, roll down the windows, and open that cutout. Feel the rumble of your engine come alive and send goosebumps down your arms. Bask in the envious looks of people at stoplights who can only dream of having that kind of https://theblooket.com/power and sound at their command. You’ve given your vehicle a new voice, one that demands to be heard. Your daily commute just got a whole lot more fun. Enjoy that sweet music of freedom and power – you’ve earned it! The cut-out Exhaust open road is calling, so get out there and make some noise. The world is now your stage, and you’ve got the perfect soundtrack.