Unleash Your Engine’s Roar: Installing Exhaust Cutouts




Feeling that rush of adrenaline when you stomp on the gas pedal and your engine roars to life? There’s nothing quite like the sound of a powerful V8 kicking into high gear. If you’re looking to unleash your engine’s beastly bellow for maximum effect, installing exhaust cutouts is the way to go. Exhaust cutouts give you the ability to open and close your exhaust at the push of a button, allowing those throaty tones to reverberate on command.

When the cutouts are closed, your exhaust flows through the muffler like normal for a quiet, everyday driving experience. But when you’re ready to announce your presence with authority, just open those cutouts to bypass the muffler completely. The result is an auditory explosion of unadulterated power and performance. Your engine will scream at high RPMs, popping and gurgling as you lift off the throttle. It’s a symphony of sound that gets the adrenaline surging for any gearhead.

If you’re ready to give your ride a voice and turn some heads when you rumble by, exhaust cutouts are the perfect mod to unleash your engine’s roar. Here’s how to install them in a few easy steps and make that V8 sing.

What Are Exhaust Cutouts and How Do They Work?

Exhaust cutouts are valves installed in your vehicle’s exhaust system that allow you to control the flow of exhaust gasses. By opening and closing the cutouts, you can adjust the volume and tone of your engine’s roar.

The cutouts contain flaps or doors that pivot to open or close the exhaust flow path. When closed, exhaust flows through your regular tailpipes for normal volume. When open, exhaust is diverted through the cutouts, bypassing the muffler and any other components that muffle the sound. This results in a louder, more aggressive tone from your engine.

Many performance enthusiasts install cutouts to have the option of a quieter exhaust for long drives or a wide-open, full-throated bellow for shows, events or when you want to announce your presence! Cutouts give you the best of both worlds.

To install cutouts, you’ll cut into your existing exhaust piping and weld or clamp in the cutout valves. You’ll also need to mount the cutout actuators, which are cables or electronic switches that allow you to operate the cutout doors from your vehicle’s interior or remotely. Installation is best left to a professional exhaust shop to ensure there are no leaks and everything is securely mounted.

With the roar of your engine under your control, get ready to unleash a beast! Cutouts have the power to make a loud statement in the palm of your hands. Open them up and let your engine’s voice be heard!

Top Tips for Installing Exhaust Cutouts Yourself

Installing exhaust cutouts yourself is totally doable if you’re handy with tools and want to unleash your engine’s roar. Here are some tips to get you started:

Gather the Necessary Parts

You’ll need the actual cutouts, exhaust piping, clamps, and any mounting hardware. Make sure everything is compatible with your specific vehicle’s make and model.

Lift and Support the Vehicle

Working under a lifted car is safer and gives you more room. Use jack stands to support the frame so the weight isn’t on the axles.

Locate the Exhaust Pipe Section to Replace

Find the spot in your exhaust system you want to cut out. For maximum sound, place the cutouts closer to the engine. Farther away will be a bit quieter. Mark the cutting points.

Cut Out the Exhaust Pipe Section

Use a reciprocating saw to cut the marked section from your exhaust pipes. Deburr the cut edges and test fit your new cutout parts.

Install the New Exhaust Cutout Parts

Clamp the cutouts to your exhaust pipes, positioning them so the butterfly valves open towards the rear of the vehicle. Tighten the clamps firmly but don’t crush the pipes.

Test and Tune

Start your engine to test the new cutouts. Make any necessary adjustments to the position or clamps. Your exhaust cutouts are installed—open those butterfly valves and let your engine roar!

With some mechanical inclination and these tips, you’ll be enjoying your new exhaust cutouts in no time. Let the rumble begin!

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Customizing Your Exhaust Cutouts for Maximum Effect

Customizing your exhaust cutouts allows you to maximize their effect and unleash your engine’s roar. There are a few modifications you can make to enhance the cutouts’ performance.

Adjustable Flaps

Installing adjustable flaps, also known as butterfly valves, gives you control over the amount of exhaust released through the cutouts. Fully open the flaps when you want maximum roar and power. Partially close them when a more moderate sound is desired. Completely close the flaps to return to your standard muffled exhaust system for normal driving. Adjustable flaps let you adapt the cutouts to any situation.


Adding resonators, such as X-pipes or H-pipes, increases the rumble and depth of your exhaust tone. Resonators capture sound waves flowing through the exhaust system and amplify them. Installing resonators in line with your cutouts will make the most of their noise-enhancing abilities. For an even throatier growl, you can add multiple resonators.

cutout placement

Strategically placing your cutouts can impact their effect. Mounting them closer to the engine provides a “raspy” tone as the high-frequency sounds are more prominent. Farther back, the tone becomes deeper. Cutouts on opposite sides of the vehicle, near the axle, produce a “bass-y” rumble. Experiment with different placements to find your perfect sound.

Upgrading to a free-flowing performance exhaust system and high-flow headers will give your cutouts more raw sound to work with, allowing them to reach their full potential. Customizing your exhaust cutouts by adding adjustable flaps, and resonators, and tweaking their placement helps unleash your engine’s inner beast.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and unleash that beast under the hood. By installing exhaust cutouts, you’ll experience your engine’s true roar and power. Sure, it may be a bit loud for everyday driving, but when you want to show off your muscle car pride, open those cutouts and let it rip. The adrenaline rush will be worth it. Your neighbors may not appreciate it as much, but you only live once. Let your inner speed demon out and go tear up the backroads with the thunderous sound of raw horsepower. After a high-octane drive like that, you’ll be hooked. Exhaust cutouts are an easy mod that provides big benefits, so get to work and uncork that exhaust. The open road is calling!