Who is Terry Lee Flenory? Early Life, Age, Career





In the annals of American crime history, few names carry as much weight and intrigue as Terry Lee Flenory, known by many as “Southwest T.” His story is a thriller that chases the underbelly of organized crime, the rise of illicit wealth, and ultimately a reckoning with the long arm of the law

Flanory’s popularity is largely due to his pivotal role in the rise and fall of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), one of the major drug trafficking organizations in American history but to truly understand the man behind the headlines you need to know how his early deep life, family dynamics, personal relationships Immersing ourselves in the intricate fabric of events that shaped destiny, this introduction introduces us to Terry Lee Flenory, a figure of power, danger and redemption a little of the life of the one at the end of the rope.

Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory, typically known as Southwest T, is an extensive parent inside the realm of organized crime in the United States. Born on February 14, 1970, in Detroit, Michigan, Flenory is excellent known for his association with the Black Mafia Family (BMF), an infamous drug trafficking corporation.

Flenory’s lifestyle is characterized by a complex mix of criminal activities, wealth accumulation, legal problems, and eventual redemption. Alongside his younger brother, Demetrius Big Meech Flenory, he co-founded the Black Mafia Family within the late 1980s. Under their leadership, the BMF became a primary participant in the unlawful drug exchange, often dealing with cocaine. Their operations extended throughout a couple of states, gathering tremendous wealth and power.

Early Life

Terry Lee Flenory ` He is the younger brother of Demetrius Edward Big Meech Flenory Sr. The two brothers grew up in Southwest Detroit, in an exceptionally non secular domestic. Their dad and mom, Charles and Lucille Flenory, have been both ministers. Terry and Meech attended Mumford High School, where they began promoting $50 bags of cocaine at the streets of Detroit all through their high college years in the overdue Nineteen Eighties.

In 1989, Terry and Meech founded the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a drug trafficking and money laundering organization that subsequently grew right into a multi-million dollar business enterprise. The BMF has become one of the most powerful drug businesses inside the United States, and Terry and Meech were considered to be one of the largest drug kingpins in the U.S


Terry Lee Flenory was born on January 10, 1970. As of nowadays, August 31, 2023, he is fifty-three years old.


Terry Lee Flenory has two siblings.

• Demetrius Edward Big Meech Flenory (born June 21, 1968): Big Meech became the older brother of Terry and the co-founding father of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). He was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2005 on drug trafficking costs. He turned into launched from prison in May 2020.

• Nicole Flenory (born 1974): Nicole is the younger sister of Terry and Big Meech. She has a low profile and is not known to be worried about any criminal interest.

The Flenory brothers have been raised in Detroit, Michigan. They commenced selling pills in high college and eventually built a multi-million dollar drug empire. The BMF became one of the most powerful drug companies in the United States in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The Flenory brothers were arrested in 2005 and convicted of drug trafficking prices. They had been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. Big Meech was launched from prison in May 2020, whilst Terry is scheduled to be released in 2030.

Nicole Flenory has stored a low profile because of her brothers’ arrests. She isn’t acknowledged to be worried in any criminal interest.


Flenory’s non-public relationships have largely remained non-public. However, it’s miles acknowledged that his loyalty and deep connections with people like his brother, Big Meech, had been vital to his life. The BMF’s operations also worried collaborations with various people inside the crook underworld.

Personal Bio

NameTerry Lee Flenory
Nick NameTerry Flenory, Southwest T.
Father NameCharles Flenory
Mother NameShelly Meech
Date Of Birth10th January 1972
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, United States of America
ProfessionAmerican Entrepreneur, Businessman, Drug Supplier, and Investor

Physical Status

Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight80 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


Terry Lee Flenory’s criminal profession started to take shape when he and his brother, Big Meech, based the Black Mafia Family in the overdue 1980s. The BMF quickly rose to prominence as a chief drug trafficking employer, mostly dealing in cocaine. Under Flenory’s management, the BMF extended its operations to a couple of states, collecting big wealth and strength. However, their crook sports additionally attracted the attention of law enforcement organizations, leading to a sizable downfall.

Net Worth

Determining Terry Lee Flenory’s actual net worth is a tough challenge, as a lot of his wealth was acquired via unlawful methods and is therefore no longer publicly documented. However, it is widely believed that the BMF generated billions of dollars in sales in the course of its peak, and Flenory might have had a huge percentage of this wealth. Following his conviction and subsequent imprisonment, many of his properties have been seized with the aid of the authorities.


Terry Lee Flenory’s existence is a tale of both triumph and tragedy. From a troubled upbringing in Detroit to the zenith of the crook underworld with the Black Mafia Family, Flenory’s journey has been marked by controversy and intrigue. While his involvement in prepared crime led to felony troubles and imprisonment, he later found a route to redemption and was granted clemency. Terry Lee Flenory’s tale serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of human nature and the selections individuals make in their pursuit of achievement and survival.