Why Should I Choose a 3 Bedroom Townhome for Rent?




Renting a 3 bedroom townhome can offer you more space and privacy to accommodate your growing family. These properties give renters the flexibility to create designated spaces within their homes, such as an office, storage, or guest room. Modern 3 bedroom townhomes can come with features like spacious floor plans, gas fireplaces, and patios. Here are some reasons why you should choose 3 bedroom townhomes for rent:

Enough Living Space

A 3 bedroom townhome can have more than one floor with amenities like multiple bathrooms and additional storage. These units typically have a larger living room, dining area, and kitchen than rental properties with fewer bedrooms. 3 bedroom units allow renters to maximize unused space, turning extra bedrooms into a dedicated office, storage, or guestroom space. Many of these units give renters access to private outdoor spaces. Renters can use this outdoor space for barbecues, outdoor lounging, and gardening opportunities. 

Affordable Options

3 bedroom townhomes for rent may offer more flexible rates than traditional homes, depending on the location and amenities. With more square footage than apartments, townhomes can accommodate larger families or individuals seeking extra space. The added bedrooms in these units also make it easier to split the rent between roommates or housemates, making it a cost-effective option for those on a budget. Some townhome complexes offer in-unit features like attached garages, gas fireplaces, and modern kitchen appliances at no additional cost. This makes them an attractive option for renters looking for a functional, comfortable, budget-friendly living arrangement.

Space for Pets

Some townhome communities offer pet-friendly amenities like designated outdoor pet areas, nearby parks, and walking trails. These outdoor spaces can be used to train your pet on basic commands or socialize them with other pets in the complex. They also allow your pet to enjoy the outdoors and get exercise without having to leave your neighborhood. The extra square footage of 3 bedroom townhomes gives pets space to move around indoors. It also gives renters the flexibility to customize the space for their pets, whether that means setting up a designated feeding area or creating a cozy spot for them to sleep.

Community Living

Many townhome complexes have common areas, such as parks or pools, where residents can gather and get to know each other. This helps create a sense of community and can lead to new friendships within the complex. Living near neighbors allows for more accessible communication and potential carpooling or pet-sitting arrangements. Living within a smaller community can also provide a sense of security. Neighbors can help look out for each other and report suspicious activity, creating a safer environment for all residents. This is beneficial for single individuals or families with children. Townhome communities often have homeowner associations that enforce rules and regulations to maintain the appearance and functionality of the complex. 

Maintenance Support

The townhome’s property management company typically has an on-site maintenance team that can quickly address any issues. This includes basic repairs like fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a light bulb. For more urgent matters, such as a broken appliance or plumbing issue, many townhome complexes offer 24/7 emergency maintenance services. The property management team may regularly conduct preventative maintenance checks for the units and shared spaces to help keep the property in good condition. 

Consider 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Renting a 3 bedroom townhome comes with many benefits, such as more space, added amenities, and affordable options. Townhome complexes promote community living and allow renters to transition between apartment living and home ownership. Contact a townhome community manager or real estate agent today to learn more about renting a 3 bedroom townhome.