African Delicacies Hidden in Black Pearls




Africa offers unexpected culinary delights. Let’s explore some of them.

Kenya – Carnivore Grilled Meat

In Kenya, the most famous restaurant is undoubtedly “Carnivore.” At Carnivore, all kinds of meats, even the most unexpected ones like crocodile, zebra, and ostrich, are served grilled. Many of these meats are government-approved, and some are farm-raised, so you can enjoy them without too much psychological pressure.

The grilled meat at Carnivore is not seasoned with spices; a little salt is added during grilling. The focus is on savoring the natural taste of the meat. If you find it too exotic, there are also options like beef, lamb, and chicken, each with surprising flavors. Pair it with Kenya’s popular Tusker beer and nutritious sides made from mashed potatoes, green peas, corn, and pumpkin leaves for a perfect meal!(sources from

Ghana – Chichinga

For authentic Ghanaian cuisine, skip the five-star hotels catering to tourists and head to the streets. One popular street food is “Chichinga,” a grilled meat skewer. Chichinga comes in three varieties: beef, chicken, or sausage, sometimes paired with vegetables. The generous use of ingredients by the locals ensures a satisfying taste.

Angola – Muamba Chicken

As a former Portuguese colony, Angolan cuisine has been influenced by Portuguese tastes, but the strong African flavors remain. A notable dish is “Muamba Chicken,” often considered Angola’s national dish. Prepared with palm oil, garlic, chili, and okra, Muamba Chicken is spicy with a unique spice aroma, somewhat resembling curry chicken, making it relatively palatable for Chinese taste buds.

Mozambique – Piri Piri Chicken

While Mozambique is known for its blue skies and clear waters, it also boasts delicious cuisine. The classic dish is “Piri Piri Chicken,” marinated with lime juice, garlic, coconut milk, soy sauce, and chili before being grilled. Served with crispy fries or coated with peanut butter and coconut milk, accompanied by cassava leaves, it offers delightful eating options.

Zambia – Nshima

Known by different names in various African countries, in Zambia, it’s called “Nshima.” This staple dish is made primarily from maize flour, creating a sticky dough. Though lacking a distinct flavor, some Chinese individuals liken it to tasteless glutinous rice dumplings.

Egypt – Koshari

Egypt boasts three treasures: hookah, perfumes, and Koshari. While exploring Egypt’s pyramids and Sphinx, don’t miss trying Koshari, its national dish. Made with rice, pasta, and lentils cooked separately and then mixed, Koshari is topped with crispy fried onions and spicy tomato sauce, offering a unique flavor.

Nigeria – Jollof Rice + Egusi Soup

With the largest population in Africa, Nigeria has a variety of traditional dishes. One must-try combination is “Jollof Rice + Egusi Soup.” Jollof rice includes ingredients like rice, tomatoes, various meats, onions, and peppers, cooked together for a savory experience.

Ethiopia – Injera

Considered Ethiopia’s national food, Injera is a daily staple for Ethiopians. Made from a unique grain called teff, it resembles a thin pancake with a rough surface, looking somewhat like a beef tripe.

Zanzibar – Biryanis

When it comes to Zanzibar’s cuisine, people often think of lavish lobster feasts. However, the most consumed dish is “Biryanis,” known as Indian Chicken Biryani to the Chinese. With Zanzibar’s historical connection to India, this dish reflects the significant influence of Indian culinary culture in the region.

South Africa – Biltong

Biltong, often referred to as “Divine Meat Biltong,” is a unique South African treat. Marinated in vinegar and spices, dried in the sun, and consumed either raw or steamed, it offers a fresh beef flavor with a hint of aromatic spices(quotes from resopp-sn).

While opinions on the tastiness of these African dishes may vary, they hold a special place as national delicacies. Embrace the adventure and try these unique foods when in Africa!