From Camel Rides to Sandboarding: Must-Try Activities in Dubai’s Desert Safari




Step into the magical realm of Dubai’s Desert Safari, where the shiny sand hides lots of fun things to do. In this blog post, we’re your friendly guides, showing you the cool stuff waiting for you. Imagine riding a big camel, feeling like you’re in the past, or trying out sandboarding.

Dubai’s desert isn’t just a big sandy place; it’s like a giant playground for people who love excitement and cool adventures. Come along with us as we explore the awesome things you can do in the desert.

Travel to the past on a big, friendly camel

Close your eyes and imagine swaying gently on the back of a tall, friendly camel, traversing the vast golden desert in Desert Safari tour and deals. These incredible creatures have been desert taxis for centuries, making your journey a historical adventure. Despite the occasional bumps, the experience is a unique and nostalgic way to connect with ancient transportation methods, providing a sense of time travel amid the endless dunes.

Have Fun Exploring the Desert’s Big Sand Hills

Picture yourself amidst the colossal sand hills of the desert, resembling a colossal sandbox but on a grand scale. Scaling these massive dunes feels like an exciting ride on a natural rollercoaster. Running down the slopes, jumping with joy, and feeling the warm grains of sand beneath your feet create an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, turning the desert into your playground of endless possibilities.

Try Sledding on Sand: It’s Like Snowboarding, but on Sand

Envision the thrill of gliding down sandy slopes on a board, akin to the excitement of snowboarding, but with a unique twist. Sandboarding introduces you to the joy of balancing and gracefully descending the dunes, turning the desert into a dynamic landscape for adventure. The soft, warm sand adds an extra layer of excitement, making each descent a thrilling and laughter-filled experience under the sun.

See the Sun Go Down: Picture Time in the Desert

When the sun goes down, the desert turns into a magical painting with lots of colors, like a beautiful picture. It’s the time when day becomes night, and you can take amazing photos of this special moment. The changing hues of the desert sky, from warm oranges to deep purples, create a captivating backdrop, inviting you to capture the beauty of the desert at its most enchanting hour.

Meet People in a Special Camp and Learn About Their Ways

Venture into a special desert camp, where friendly locals await to share their stories and traditions. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different world, gaining insights into the unique ways of the desert inhabitants. From traditional practices to cultural anecdotes, this encounter offers a genuine connection with the people who call the desert home.

Look at the Stars in the Desert at Night: It’s Amazing

When it gets dark, the desert sky shows off its amazing stars, creating a really beautiful sight. In the tranquil darkness, far from city lights, thousands of stars twinkle overhead, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Stargazing in the desert becomes a serene and awe-inspiring experience, allowing you to marvel at the vastness of the cosmos against the silent backdrop of the dunes.

Eat Yummy Arabian Food in the Middle of Nowhere

Delight your taste buds with delectable Arabian cuisine amidst the vast expanse of the desert. From flavorful kebabs to sweet treats, the culinary offerings in this unconventional setting add a unique and delicious dimension to your Dubai’s Desert adventure. Picture savoring mouthwatering dishes under the open sky, turning a simple meal into a sensory delight in the middle of nowhere.

Traditional Dinner and Entertainment


•   Immerse yourself within the atmosphere of a traditional Bedouin camp set amidst the vastness of the desolate tract. Imagine the nice and cozy glow of lamps illuminating tents and carpets adorned with complicated patterns. The air vibrates with the mild strum of Arabic music, setting the level for an unforgettable night.


•   Embrace the local culinary delights with a tasty buffet of traditional Arabic dishes. Savor succulent grilled meats like lamb and chicken, alongside aromatic rice and flavorful stews. Indulge in sparkling salads, dips, and heated flatbreads, all organized with proper spices and substances.

•   Vegetarian options are also to be had, presenting an array of vegetable dishes bursting with taste and shade.

•   Enjoy a clean beverage, such as Arabic espresso or tea, to supplement the meal.


•   Witness the charming overall performance of a belly dancer, whose sleek movements and colorful costume inform tales of ancient traditions and cultural backgrounds.

•   Marvel on the awe-inspiring Tanoura dance, where a whirling dervish spins in rhythmic circles, his colorful skirt creating captivating patterns towards the backdrop of the nighttime sky.

•   Be enthralled through the hearth show, where professional performers manipulate flames in a remarkable show of light and dance.

•   Listen to traditional Arabic music played on devices like the oud and the tabla, transporting you to every other global with their charming melodies and rhythms.

Desert Safari with a Cultural Twist

Immerse yourself in the charming blend of adventure and cultural immersion with this unforgettable wasteland safari experience. Embark on a journey that unveils the rich heritage and traditions of the Arabian Peninsula, whilst interesting dune-bashing adventures and breathtaking wasteland landscapes watch for.


•   Cultural Awakening: Begin your day by exploring the captivating history and traditions of the barren region location. Visit a nearby museum to delve into the location’s ancient civilizations and resolve the stories etched in its sands.

•   Falconry Encounter: Witness the elegance and mastery of traditional falconry, a respected exercise in the Arabian subculture. Observe skilled falconers as they command those majestic birds, showcasing the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.

•   Spice Symphony: Arouse your senses at a colorful spice marketplace, in which the tantalizing aroma of unique spices fills the air. Engage with the local traders, and find out about the numerous flavors and their culinary significance in Emirati delicacies.


•   Lunch Feast: Savor a delectable conventional lunch at a nearby restaurant, indulging in actual Emirati cuisine. Experience the flavors and culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations.

•   Dune Bashing Extravaganza: Hit the heart of the wilderness, wherein towering dunes watch for. Embark on an exhilarating dune-bashing adventure, conquering the rugged terrain in a 4×4 car. Feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate the undulating waves of sand, creating unforgettable memories.


•   Cultural Extravaganza: Witness the fascinating splendor of traditional Emirati dance performances, in which graceful movements and vibrant costumes deliver you to a bygone era. Immerse yourself inside the rhythmic beats and enthralling storytelling of belly dancing, a cornerstone of the Arabic way of life.

•   Under the Stars: Gather beneath the mesmerizing expanse of the barren region sky, where a plethora of stars twinkle amidst the velvety darkness. Enjoy a traditional fish fry dinner, savoring the flavors of the place whilst surrounded by the grandeur of nature.

Cultural Twist:

•   Henna Artistry: Capture a unique souvenir of your barren region adventure with a sensitive henna tattoo. Experience the elaborate patterns and colorful colors as the artist skillfully embellishes your pores and skin with conventional designs.

•   Bedouin Encounter: Visit a traditional Bedouin camp, wherein you will revel in the easy but enriching lifestyle of these nomadic human beings. Engage with their heat hospitality, find out about their traditions, and admire their connection to the barren region.

•   Shisha Soirée: Embrace the essence of rest with a conventional shisha pipe, savoring the fragrant flavors and taking part in the communal surroundings. Share tales and hook up with fellow tourists below the barren region’s starry cover.

Watch Cool Birds: They’re Good at Hunting

Marvel at the prowess of falcons, the desert’s skilled avian inhabitants, as they soar through the sky. Witness a captivating show where these remarkable birds showcase their hunting skills. It’s like having a front-row seat to a nature documentary, with Dubai’s Desert serving as a natural stage for these awe-inspiring displays of aerial agility and precision.

Go on a Crazy Ride: Driving Fast on Bumpy Sand Roads

Get ready for an exciting ride as you zoom through the desert in a strong off-road car. The ride is wild, navigating bumpy sand roads that mimic a rollercoaster’s twists and turns. Fasten your seatbelt for an exhilarating journey, where the thrill of high-speed maneuvers blends seamlessly with the rugged beauty of Dubai’s Desert terrain.

Chill Out in the Desert: Relaxing in Tents is Awesome

After the day’s adventures, unwind in the comfort of cozy tents nestled in the heart of the desert. The tranquil night welcomes you to a peaceful retreat, complete with soft cushions and the soothing sounds of Dubai’s Desert. It’s like a sleepover under the stars, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and serenity amid the vast, silent dunes.


Dubai’s desert tract is an enchanting panorama of rolling dunes, vibrant sunsets, and enthralling starlit skies. It offers a unique and unforgettable break out from the metropolis’s hustle and bustle, permitting traffic to experience the magic of Arabia. But past the breathtaking surroundings, the wasteland holds a treasure trove of interesting sports, ready to be observed.