What Is Wet Hosing?




Wet hosing, also known as mobile fueling, is a method of fuel delivery. A tanker truck visits a vehicle or fleet to refuel them directly at their location rather than requiring the vehicles to travel to a traditional gas station. This service is used for commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, generators, and other large machinery. Here are some of the benefits of wet hosting services:

Increased Control and Inventory Tracking

Traditional methods of fueling may involve guesswork and estimation when it comes to fuel usage and needs. With wet hosing, companies gain precise control over their fuel inventory. This is because the fuel is delivered directly to vehicles and equipment on-site based on their specific needs. A construction company managing multiple projects across different sites may have difficulty keeping track of fuel usage for their heavy machinery. With traditional fueling methods, they might face issues such as overstocking or running out of fuel.

If they switch to wet hosing, the fuel provider delivers the exact amount of fuel required directly to the machinery at each job site. This can eliminate guesswork and allow for accurate tracking of fuel usage. Many wet hosting providers also offer detailed reports, giving the company a clear fuel consumption record. This enhanced visibility and control over fuel inventory can lead to more efficient operations and better budgeting.

Increased Productivity

A logistics company with a large fleet of trucks may need to make regular trips to a fuel station when using traditional fueling methods. These trips can take up valuable time and disrupt the work schedule. Time spent on these trips could be better utilized in performing core tasks, such as transporting goods. 

When using wet hosing, a transport company can confirm that their fleet trucks are refueled directly on their property before leaving for deliveries. This helps trucks stay in operation for longer periods without interruptions for refueling. It also allows them to make more deliveries within the same timeframe. These factors help increase company productivity.

Reduced Expenses

Mobile fueling may reduce costs associated with other fueling methods. With traditional fueling, a landscaping company that operates a fleet of vehicles and various equipment may need to drive each vehicle or piece of equipment to a fuel station. The extra fuel consumption and wear and tear from these trips can increase maintenance costs. Once the company switches to wet hosing, the fuel is delivered directly to their site. This can eliminate the need for additional miles and extra fuel costs. 

On-site fueling can help reduce fuel usage and decrease wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment, leading to lower maintenance costs. Wet hosing can also help decrease labor costs. Instead of drivers or operators spending time on refueling tasks, they can focus on their primary job responsibilities. This efficient use of time contributes to cost savings.

Increased Convenience and Flexibility

Companies that frequently operate in remote locations, like film production companies, can benefit from the flexibility of mobile fueling. Traditional fueling methods would require them to locate nearby fuel stations and schedule time for refueling their vehicles and equipment. This can be a logistical challenge for filming companies with unpredictable project lengths and the variety of locations involved. 

With wet hosing, the fuel provider delivers fuel directly to the company’s vehicles and equipment on-site, regardless of the location. This service can be scheduled according to the company’s shooting hours, confirming that filming doesn’t have to stop due to fuel shortages. This eliminates the need for the production crew to plan for fuel stops and allows them to focus solely on their work, making the entire process more efficient.

Work With a Professional Mobile Fueling Company 

Wet hosing offers a range of benefits that can improve a company’s operational efficiency. It helps various companies and industries save time and simplify fuel management. Whether you’re running a construction site, managing a fleet of trucks, or operating heavy machinery, wet hosing can enhance your business. When choosing a web hosting company, confirm that they can provide consistent, timely service to your locations. Assess their flexibility regarding delivery schedules and their compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Contact a professional mobile fueling company today to learn more about their services.