A Guide To Organize A Farewell Party In Hostel




When you live in a hostel, it becomes your family outside your original home. You share laughter, worries, happiness, sadness, and many more beautiful memories together. But there comes a day when you have to say goodbye to these amazing people you met, whether they are seniors, classmates, or friends that you made during your stay in a hostel.

When your seniors complete their studies, and it’s time for them to go back home, then their juniors are responsible for organizing the farewell for them. If you are looking for ideas on how to organize a farewell party for your seniors, then we have a perfect solution for you. Read further and follow the guide to give a long-lasting memory to them before they go back to their respective places.

1] Decide A Date And Time

First, you must pick a date for the farewell on which everyone in the hostel will be available. You can go on Saturdays or Sundays as everyone is free on weekends and usually prefers to stay inside. You must choose a date that is a week prior to the day your seniors are leaving the hostel, and once it is fixed, you can decide the time. Since you will be organizing the party at the hostel, you can celebrate at any time of the day.

2] Distribute The Tasks

There is a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to organising a farewell party. You can form small groups and divide tasks so that it will get easier to complete them before the celebration. You can form different groups that will be responsible for decoration, games, sending invitations, food supplies, gift distribution, and performing. After that, you can ask the hostelers to join the groups in which they are interested.

3] Order A Decadent Cake

Ordering a cake is one of the important tasks that you must finish before the party. You can ask for contributions from other hostelers so that the budget can be managed for the event, and then contact the best cake bakery in Delhi or your locality. You can order a customized cake for the celebration as it holds special meaning and your thoughtfulness. You can also ask the bakers for suggestions as they are professionals and have the best ideas. You must make sure that the cake is big enough to be distributed among all the attendees of the event.

4] Pick A Theme For The Party

Normally a farewell party can be boring so you must opt for a theme-based celebration. It adds extra charm to the party, and the attendees get to put in some effort so that they can justify the theme in terms of makeup, dressing, and vibe. Popular themes like glamour, favorite characters, retro, checkers, etc., can be the best match for the farewell. Ask everyone who will be attending the celebration to dress according to the theme. You can also keep prizes for one who aligns the best with the theme to encourage them.

5] Design Invitations And Send Them Out

Instead of walking up to your seniors and inviting them for a farewell, you can make it exciting by designing and sending them a unique invitation card. You can create one single card for everyone on a chart paper or individual cards by yourself. Another option that is very convenient and cost-efficient is e-invitation. Since everyone uses a smartphone, you can send invitations directly to their phones. This will save you time, and you can choose the best template for invitations using a design app.

6] Prepare Different Entertaining Programs

Make the last day of your seniors in the hostel memorable by giving them amazing performances. You can entertain them with dancing and singing, ramp walking, speech competitions, friendly quizzes, and more. You can also make them play different games that you can prepare beforehand, such as musical chairs, pop the balloon, dance on paper, etc. This will create a lifetime memory for them, and they will always talk about the party in the future.

7] Don’t Forget About The Food And Drinks

You won’t keep your party attendees hungry during the celebration, will you?  You must prepare some delicious food and drinks so that they can savor them while enjoying the program you have organized. You can order the food from the nearest restaurant to the hostel so that it can arrive on time, but if your budget is crossed, then you can have food cooked in the hotel itself. As for the other snacks and desserts, you can opt for Bakingo cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goodies. 

8] Pack Some Momentos Or Gifts

Don’t send your seniors empty-handed because you never know whether you will meet them again or not. Hence, you can pack some affordable gifts or hand out mementos at the end of the party. There is a collection of budget-friendly items that are available on the gifting sites that you can consider ordering. You can also personalize the items such as coffee mugs, key chains, pillows, photo frames, etc. Make sure that whatever gift you choose is an item that they can use for a long period of time.


The last day in a hostel can be overwhelming for both seniors and juniors, so before you guys separate, it is perfect to enjoy a day together without worrying about anything else. Now you have a guide to organize a memorable celebration for your seniors and give them a precious memory to cherish. Apart from farewell, you can implement these ideas for other events like freshers’ day, birthdays, bachelorettes, and many more.